Arborist Consultation

Better Tree Service and Consultants offers professional tree consulting by certified arborists. We will walk through your property and take a look at the plants in it.

Consulting arborists are experts in tree health. Our consultants have high qualifications and are well-trained. Our consultants provide a comprehensive, factual overview of the safety, health, and condition of your trees, shrubs and other vegetation. This is done by performing tree inspections, assessing risk, drafting arborist reports and prescribing pest, soil and disease treatments.


What's A Consulting Arborist?

Better Tree Service and Consultants offers professional tree consulting by certified arborists. Our team will walk through your property and take a look at the plants in it.

We service various clients, including:

A Team of ISA Certified Tree Experts And Provide The Following Services

The International Society of Arboriculture* (ISA) has certified most of our experts. An arborist who is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) must have at least three years experience in tree care or a degree. They also need to pass a 200-question exam and recertify every three year.

The ISA is the most prestigious certification for arborists around the world. Numerous services are offered by our consulting arborists, including:

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Tree Inventories

Comprehensive urban, construction and forestry management plans require a thorough tree inventory. Tree inventories provide vital information about the location, size, and species of trees.

What we document during an inventory:

This information can be used to analyze the pros and cons for potential landscaping, construction, urban planning and urban forestry projects. This inventory can be used to file claims in the event of damage.

Tree Protection

Tree protection inspections are an important safeguard to ensure that construction projects don’t negatively impact nearby trees. Unregulated construction can cause serious damage to the landscape and vegetation. Compaction of soil is one example of how destructive construction can be for trees’ health. The underground oxygen supply to a tree’s root system can decline when soil and other construction materials become compacted. This can reduce a tree’s ability to absorb water, and even lead to premature death. Our arborist consultants will inspect your site and offer advice on how to protect trees and plant life during construction.allows stumps and roots to be removed quickly and cut into small chips similar to mulch. After the mulch is removed, it can be collected. After stump grinding, the hole can be filled with grass or other flowers.


Assessment Of Tree Risk

An arborist consultation is necessary to evaluate potential tree hazards and recommend preventive measures. It will be easier to decide whether to remove the tree. Each tree is subject to some risk. Our goal is to determine the tree’s structural stability and potential for falling apart. You will be able to make informed and proactive decisions if you know the severity of dangerous tree conditions. We will offer professional recommendations to mitigate any risks associated with trees that are deemed hazardous or defective.


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Exposed roots or decay

Our consultants can assist in determining the cause of a tree’s death or collapse. Each section will be thoroughly examined using standard methods.

This is a detailed inspection that will look at:

Tree Roots

The tree root system is both the anchor and foundation of any tree, as well as providing food for it. Tree roots are essential for producing spring foliage. They transport water and minerals from soil to tree during spring. Their health is therefore a top priority. Regular consultations with an arborist will keep you informed about the health of your tree roots, as well as provide preventative tips to help avoid root disease or failure.allows stumps and roots to be removed quickly and cut into small chips similar to mulch. After the mulch is removed, it can be collected. After stump grinding, the hole can be filled with grass or other flowers.

Soil compaction

Heavy clay subsoils or soil compaction can reduce oxygen and water uptake, causing many trees to be killed and/or damaged.

Soil depth

Tree roots depend on soil for nutrients, anchor and oxygen. Trees' root systems can be affected by soil addition and removal. We can help ensure that your root system thrives by ensuring that the soil volume and depth are appropriate for the surrounding vegetation.


Overwatering can saturate the soil so much it restricts the flow of oxygen, thereby suffocating tree roots. Tree roots can become dry and brittle if they are underwatered.

The surrounding fertilizer

The surrounding fertilizer is a fertilizer that can be used to fertilize tree roots. Too much fertilizer can cause tree roots to die, and too little will lead to tree roots losing the essential minerals they need for their health. We can help you find the perfect balance.

Construction work and trenching

Excavating soil and heavy-duty machinery, as well as digging trenches and boring holes can all pose a serious threat to root systems.

Tree Service Providers

Many tree service providers do not have the experience and knowledge required to be ISA Certified Arborists. Our arborists are educated and have years of experience. They can offer sound advice about the safety, structure, and health of trees. This will help you choose the right course of action.

We Provide Consulting Arborist Services

The following municipal and commercial entities can be reached by our consultants:

Community Managers

You are likely to have many trees if you manage large communities, parks, golf courses, cemeteries, outdoor entertainment venues, or private developments. To help you plan and implement short- and long-term maintenance, a consultant will provide an assessment and tree inventory. Planning for proactive maintenance will help you budget and reduce unnecessary costs.

Homeowner Associations

Homeowner Associations have a primary responsibility to resolve conflicts and plan community landscaping. Homeowner Associations can get help from us to create cost-effective maintenance plans. We will recommend safe, healthy, and long-lasting trees to be planted in shared spaces. To help prevent tree loss or damage, we can also assist you in assessing shared landscapes.

Property Management Companies

It is difficult to manage a property. Your responsibility is to make sure your property is safe, welcoming, and affordable. Landscape design is therefore a major area of concern. Our consultants are available to help you design landscaping budgets and protect your property from tree collapse. We offer comprehensive tree assessments that assess the risks and hazards of trees and provide advice on how to treat pest infestations and diseases.

Real Estate Agents

An arborist may be required to provide expert advice for real estate agents in property inspections and assessments. Homebuyers who are responsible will need to be aware of the dangers that trees pose and whether there is any root damage or disease. You can get an informed appraisal and professional advice by consulting an expert in these matters.

Landscape Professionals

Landscape professionals are responsible for maximizing value and minimizing disruption. We can help you assess your potential area and make recommendations about how to best manage the risks. Our arborists are available to assist you with supervision, root mapping, land planning, and supervision of tree work. We can also provide sound, detailed assessments that will help you make an informed decision when deciding whether to remove existing vegetation from the land or to build around it.


Trees in public spaces must be maintained and regularly inspected. We recommend that hazardous trees are removed from areas where they could be dangerous for pedestrians or structures. We can also help you evaluate the preservation value of a tree that is threatening a park, walking path, or other municipal project.

Our goal is to provide professional estimates, assessments, and advice regarding all things related to trees. We can recommend nutrients, pest control, site remediation and pruning, as well as immediate removal to minimize hazards. We offer services to property owners from many industries. Contact Better Tree Service and Consultants today!