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Five Signs That It’s Time for a Tree Risk Assessment

No tree is immune to the need for routine maintenance. It will ensure safety and health. Untrained eyes may not be able to determine the overall health of a particular tree. A Tree Risk Assessment is a simple way to ensure your trees thrive. This article explores common signs that you should schedule a tree assessment to ensure the safety and beauty of your trees for many years to come.

What is a Tree Risk Assessment?

What exactly is a Tree Risk Assessment before we go any further?

Tree Risk Assessment is a consultation service that analyzes the risks, hazards, or potential concerns relating to your trees. It is vital to have a TRA done to ensure that your trees do not pose a safety risk to the surrounding property or people. Tree Risk Assessments are best performed by certified arborists with the knowledge and experience to recognize tree-related problems and provide solutions. It will help to promote safety for everyone and ensure that your tree lives a long time.

What is an Assessment of Tree Risk Report?

A tree risk report is a document that contains essential information about the safety and health of a particular tree. The report includes information about the tree, its surroundings, and any changes that have taken place. Your arborist will observe the tree’s proximity to other trees and buildings and the condition of its soil and roots. They will also note any recent damage and potential hazards. The tree risk assessment report will help you ensure your yard’s trees are maintained optimally and identify any potential failure risks.

Better Tree Services and Consultant, a certified Arborist, has much experience helping people find the answers they need. How is it the right time to contact an arborist?


Here are some of the most telling signs that you should schedule a tree risk assessment.

You may have a fungal disease on your tree.

Artist’s Conk Fungus

Tree hazards include fungal diseases. Fungal growth on your tree can be problematic for the tree and its property. Trees can decay due to fungal diseases, leading to hazards such as falling limbs. Fungal infections in trees can affect the root system and compromise a tree’s structure.

Below are the most common fungal diseases which may affect your tree.

  • Oak Root Fungus: Also known as Armillaria mellea, Oak Root Fungus is one of the most widespread causes of contact with a certified arborist in order to schedule a TRA.Your tree has a pest infestation
  • Bark Beetle Damage
  • Pest infestations indicate that you must schedule a TRA with a certified arborist for treatment and care plans. Insect infestations, like fungi infections, are indicators that your tree may be in bad health. These infestations weaken the tree and can cause problems with limbs and roots.
  1. Here’s a list of signs that you might have an infestation in your tree:

  • Insects: While it is common to see bugs on trees, large numbers of insects on the bark could indicate that you have an infestation.
  • Bark discoloration may indicate other tree health problems, such as fungal diseases; an infestation of insects can also cause it.
  • Holes on bark: Some imperfections in the bark are to be expected. If you see a pattern of small holes on your tree’s bark, it could indicate an insect infestation.

Better Tree Services and Consultant can help you with a risk assessment. They can identify the problem and then propose a solution.

  1. You’ve been TRA-ing for at least 1 year or more.

  • For the best risk management, it is recommended that tree risk assessments be conducted once a year after major weather events or any other significant event. It helps in the early detection of risks and the management of possible failure risks and promotes overall health and safety for the surrounding environment. Your arborist can suggest appropriate maintenance practices such as fertilization, pruning, or disease management to reduce identified risks and ensure overall tree health. Regular monitoring allows you to track any changes over time in risk factors and adjust management strategies accordingly. It is best to have a tree checked by a professional, even if it appears healthy from the outside.
  1. Nearby, soil work has been done

  • If you have seen recent soil work near your tree, this is another sign that it’s time to schedule an appointment with TRA. It is important to note that soil disturbances may weaken the tree and increase its vulnerability to fungal disease, insect infestations, or falls. Excavation and stump removal are two common reasons to work on soil. Floods and earthquakes can also disturb soil, negatively affecting your trees.

Tree Risk Assessment (2)

  1. You have a tree that has been damaged by weather

  • Weather damage can also be a sign that you should schedule a TRA at Better Tree Services and Consultant. Weather events can have a significant impact on your trees in Sonoma County. Below are some examples of tree damage caused by weather that may indicate it is time to have a professional risk assessment.
    • Fire damage
    • Wind Breaks
    • Lightning strikes
    • Earthquake damage
    • Flood damage

You should contact a certified arborist if your tree has suffered any of these weather-related damages. This will ensure that all hazards and risks are assessed.

  1. Book a Tree Risk Assessment With Better Tree Services and Consultant

  • Diseases, insects, and other environmental factors, such as the weather, can damage trees. When deciding whether or not to schedule a Tree Risk Assessment, it is important to recognize the signs of poor health.
  • Better Tree Services and Consultant are Tree Risk Assessment Qualifications (TRAQ) certified. This means that we can offer an additional level of expertise. Schedule your next TRA by contacting us online

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